Custom-made wax seal stamps with your own logo. Make your letters, envelopes or certificates special.

Precision JH machining to enhance your life!

wax seal stamps featuring your own logo

Why choose JH Machining for your custom wax seal stamps?

Your own logo precisely tailored to your needs

Made by our own machine in the Netherlands.

Free delivery within 10 working days

Free shipping in the United Kingdom with Royal Mail.

100% money back guarantee

Return within 30 days of delivery. Without giving a reason.

Where do you want to use your wax seal stamps? Here are a few examples:

wax seal stamps look great on your wedding invitation envelopes

Make your wedding unique

wax seal stamps look great on your certificates

Seal certificates

wax seal stamps look great on your products

Personalise your products

Ordering a wax seal stamp with your own logo can be done in 4 easy steps:

1. Choose wax seal stamp and design

Every logo is possible. You can easily submit the image in any desired format.

Are there lines or parts of the logo that should not be included in the wax stamp? Please indicate this in the order note on the checkout page.

wax seal stamps order form

2. We turn your logo into a wax stamp

We convert the logo that you upload into a Vector file (black and white image). Our machine then reproduces this perfectly. The JH Machining machine is very precise. Therefore we can convert almost every logo into a beautiful wax seal stamp!

wax seal stamps, precision-made by Hidde

3. Delivered in 10 working days

Your wax seal stamp will be shipped via Royal Mail. The wax seal stamp takes 10 working days to be delivered from the moment you have placed your order.

Two wax sticks are included with your order for free.

If the order has been delivered to the courier you will receive a Track & Trace. This way you can track your order.

Royal Mail logo

4. Start sealing

Your wax stamp has arrived! You can start using the wax seal stamp right away. You can easily preheat the wax with just a lighter. Tip: first try out on residual material. Practice makes perfect!

wax seal stamps made in The Netherlands

Ready to seal your creations?

Order a premium wax seal stamp now, featuring your own logo. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Order wax seal stamp with your own logo

wax seal stamps featuring your own logo

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