Branding iron with custom logo for restaurant food

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Branding iron with your own logo for sandwiches and meat

✔️ Free delivery in the UK, with Track&Trace
✔️ Delivery time: 2-6 working days
✔️ Comes with UK-plug
✔️ Free logo check (worth £30)
✔️ 30 days ‘not satisfied = money back guarantee’

How to order:

  1. Upload your logo below.
  2. Any additional design preferences? Specify them in the order notes on the next page.
  3. We will choose the shape that fits your logo: round, square or rectangular.

Upload your logo:

Click to upload your logo file

Max file size: 20 MB

Allowed file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai



Frequently Asked Questions:

Size of the branding iron

Uploading your logo

View our return policy and payment and delivery information.



Elevate your dish into an experience

…with this specially crafted stamp for burgers and buns.

  • Ideal for buns and meat: thanks to the extra-deep engraving in the stamp
  • Suitable for any logo: we customise the stamp to fit
  • Very easy: stamp 100 buns quickly!
Maak de eetervaring van jouw klanten compleet
Create a wonderful dining experience

100% satisfaction: suitable for any logo

  • Free logo check (value £30)
  • Comes with UK-plug
  • Compatible with round, rectangular and square logos
  • We test each stamp ourselves.
Geschikt voor logo's in alle vormen
Examples of branded marks on burger buns

How does our 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We test your branding iron to ensure that your logo is clearly visible on wood.

That’s why you can return your branding iron to us for free within 30 days, without providing a reason. We are the only supplier in the UK and EU offering this guarantee for custom-made branding irons.

Additionally, we provide a standard 1-year warranty on the electric heating element.

Watch the video and discover how easily you can brand your logo on meat and burger buns:

This is how we make sure your branding iron is right the first time:

99.5% of the branding irons with a logo come out of our machine right the first time. Therefore, we don’t include a test press. We create your branding iron in two steps:

1. Upload your logo

A few tips:

  • Make sure your logo has the maximum possible image resolution
  • Use .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf file types.
  • Upload your logo only!

2. Our designer creates your branding iron

Your logo is converted to a Vector file. Our designer fits your logo perfectly on your branding iron, without the need to stretch the image because of the Vector file.

Note: Your logo will always be the maximum size possible based on your size of choice, unless stated differently within the order comments.

If we have any technical doubts regarding your logo, we will make sure to reach out to you before making the stamp.


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